I love entrepreneurs. There is something about them: effecting change against all odds.

You can find entrepreneurs everywhere. Inside organisations they innovate and fight to bring the organisation along. Or as startup founders, in search for their first paying customer. Occami is my company and I’m here to help you. With over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector – I know the challenges and how to overcome them.

Hans Westerhof
Hans WesterhofFounder
Joachim Blazer
Joachim BlazerPartner
Frans Nauta
Frans NautaPartner
Wouter Chömpff
Wouter ChömpffPartner



No matter the challenge, I focus on inspiring and driving practical and enduring results, equipping my clients to grow and lead.
Entrepreneurship training.

Tailored multi day boot camps from early stage ideation to scale up. For high tech startups and in-company innovation programs. From first plan to customer discovery to locking in the first deals to valuation and funding.

Presentation training

Become a better communicator and present your business better.

Moderator (Day chairman)

Focus on active participation, while I make sure your event runs smoothly.

Coaching & mentoring

Longer term support, helping you keep your eyes on the ball. Whether individual or in groups.

Consultancy & project management

Helping you develop your innovation strategy and getting it in place. For your organisation or in complex public-private environments.



Serving public and private clients and public-private partnerships. As trusted advisor or as practical coach.



I have delivered my boot camps & training sessions around the world.

I always know I can count on you to pick up the phone when we need it most, and I understand how rare that is. Thank you for taking us under your wing.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

I just want to let you know that the courses you delivered as our coach were really really good. Your way of teaching is great and I couldn’t have wished for anyone else!

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

His focus and concentration as well as his humour, but first of all his attention to detail in each and every case.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Real coach personality. Full of energy. Very broad knowledge, good communication style.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

He knows how to deliver what he is thinking, so that people can grasp it. Didn’t judge. Truthful.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

He was absolutely engaging. These 2 days were full of excitement. I really enjoyed it!

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

He was so enthusiastic, well prepared and friendly, helpful.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Hans is an amazing guy (not lying:))!, the way he talks and gives examples about real life cases thought me a lot! Thanks again.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Passion, humour and personal experiences. He’s a great teacher.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

He is easy to follow and knows how to connect with his audience.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

I like his style of communication, his passion, openness and willingness to help.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Created really nice and open environment for communicating.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Created interactive atmosphere; responded to questions clearly and in a timely manner; enthusiastic, experienced and open.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

We went through an extremely steep learning curve as we got inputs from a different angle.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Excellent. I liked the interactive approach where we were given time to work indepedently and ask for questions, with the answers being “tailored” to the specific nature of each project. There were many funny moments, thanks!

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Great easy-going spirit, and memorable tips to take away.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Thanks again for this boot camp. I gained so many insights in just two days, incredible! Keep up the good work!

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator

Presented eloquently with personal touches and constant discussion about relevant real world examples.

Participant, Climate-KIC Accelerator



Get in touch and we’ll take it from there.